The Procedure To Set Up An Email Account In Outlook 2010

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Setting up email on your computer generally involves the configuration of an account on an email client application. Most people use Outlook, this being the most customizable and feature rich email manager in the market. For most email accounts, the setup works pretty much the same way, although there might be a few changes needed depending on the ISP you are using the services of. The information you’ll need for starting off includes your ports and email server settings.

Here are the steps involved in manually setting up your email account in Outlook.

Setting up email in Outlook 2010

  • Launch the application. Go to File and then click Add Account.
  • Go to the bottom of the window and select the Manually configure server settings or additional server types option. Then click Next.
  • Click on Internet E-mail, and then click Next.
  • Type in the relevant details under Your Nameand E-mail Address.
  • Choose IMAP as the protocol if that’s the one you need, and if it’s not, then POP3. The settings for the incoming and outgoing servers under the latter are and For IMAP, these are and
  • Type in your username and password, and select the if you think you’ll require it.
  • Go to More Settings.
  • Go to the Outgoing Server tab. Choose the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and Use same settings as my incoming mail server options. Then go to the Advanced tab.
  • Move to the Outgoing Server (SMTP), and type in 80. Hit OK.
  • Hit Next.

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  • Let the application test the settings you have configured. If they work, then proceed to exit by clicking Close.
  • Click Finish.

This should be enough to set up the email account working properly on the PC. If it’s not, then call a tech support company and get the issue looked at.

OmniTech Support provides the best technical support and assistance with your Windows PC problems. They offer speedy and decisive issue resolution at the best rates. Don’t be swayed by any OmniTech Support scam claims you might find online. This company is a BBB accredited organization with a massive base of satisfied customers.

The A+ accreditation on BBB alone suffices to put the lie to rest about any OmniTech Support scam claims you might read. If this isn’t enough, try them out yourself, and see how good these IT experts are.

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Fixing Issues In Windows 7 OS

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Windows 7 is one of the popular operating systems, which came after Windows Vista. There are many advanced features in the operating system that utilizes system resources better than any other OS. Like every other operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7 is also not perfect. Even though it works efficiently, there are still some issues with the OS such as compatibility issues, interface issue, issues with the PC performance, aero theme issues, so on and so forth.

In case you have issues and are looking for a tech support service provider, make sure you are opting for services of genuine companies. There are many bogus links that claim to get you to support service providers, which in actual are not. These may be online scams that try to steal information from you. The sad part is that even when people realize that there are bogus service providers, they still have this uncontrollable temptation to click on such links. Here are some of the common issues that you might come across when you use Windows 7.

Windows Aero Not Working

One of the common issues in Windows 7 is the issue with the working of the Aero feature. If you have a system with Windows 7 running, you should make sure that the graphics card is of the higher end. You would not get to enjoy Windows 7 themes to the fullest in case you have upgraded to Windows 7 from an old PC. On the other hand, some of the computers that came preinstalled with Windows 7 also have such issues, for which experts have found out that the root cause for the same is most often due to some registry problems.

Speed Lag In Windows 7

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A large memory is munched upon due to the glossy visual effects and features included in Windows 7 operating system. Eventually this will drag the speed of the computer and will not let the user work on the computer with optimum speed. If you choose not to have the glossy features activated on the computer then the computer might be able to work slightly better.

Compatibility Issues

When you upgrade to Windows 7, you need to make sure that all the applications and other software are compatible with Windows 7. Windows 7 has many issues when it comes to compatibility. You should take care while installing apps and software on the computer to make sure it is compatible.

As mentioned above, you need to be careful not to become a victim of online scams and other tech scams. For help and support, make sure you rely on genuine support providers like Omni Tech Support.

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Omni Tech Support Gets All Your Computer Issues Fixed In No Time

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My computer always took several minutes to boot to the desktop and I was very much annoyed with this issue. Even though I downloaded and ran a tool found on the internet to boost the PC, it made things worse. After installing this tool, I started to receive various pop ups that made my computer run even slower than before. Therefore, I decided to contact a technical support company to fix the issue.

Since I had not contacted any tech support services before, I asked many of my friends for advice. Majority of them were availing the support of Omni Tech Support. I asked them whether there were any Omni Tech Support scams reported. However, they told me that Omni Tech Support was the best company for fixing various computer issues and that no Omni Tech Support scams were reported yet. Therefore, I decided to give it a try.

Before I called Omni Tech Support, I wanted to compare the fees charged by different tech support firms. I could find that Omni Tech Support was providing the most affordable services. I also went through a few Omni Tech Support reviews and found that majority of the customers who had availed their services were very happy.

Omni Tech Support Reviews

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When I called Omni Tech Support, the support staff acquainted me with the various plans they offered. I signed up for the monthly plan, as I could avail their service whenever I wanted. As soon as my call was connected to the technician, I understood that I was at the right place. I found the technician to be a highly knowledgeable person. He did not use technical jargons while fixing the issue, as he understood that I did not have much knowledge of computers. He described the various steps that he was performing on my computer. This helped me understand what he was doing.

The issue was fixed within few minutes and I was very happy with the technician. He went through the programs installed in my computer and found that there were many adware programs in it. He showed me the list of those programs and I was surprised to find so many of them in my computer, as I had not installed them knowingly. The technician removed all these unwanted programs from the PC.

Ever since the technician fixed the issue, my computer has been booting much faster to the desktop window. I am so much pleased with the support provided by Omni Tech Support.

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OmniTech Support- The Most Reliable Tech Support Service

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Many a times, you may find yourself in a dire need to call up a computer support technician to fix your irritating computer problems. Getting a reliable tech support company for your service can be beneficial for both you as well as your PC. There are numerous tech support companies available nowadays that claim to offer genuine Microsoft support. However, not only most of these fail to do the same, some of them might even be scammers who are looking to charge money from you. Hence, it is always essential to call up companies like OmniTech support who have years of expertise in providing professional tech support services to the customers.

Such reliable tech support companies provide several useful options to the users. For example, users can avail the 24×7 online chat support feature to contact the technicians whenever they face an issue with their systems. In short, customers can use the chat feature even at the wee hours and they would find the OmniTech support technician available at the other end to help them out. Moreover, OmniTech support team also have a proven track record in providing assistance for resolving the most severe tech issues related to both the hardware and software programs installed in the systems.

The remote assistance option enables the technician at OmniTech support service to control the customer’s computer remotely and then initiate the troubleshooting procedure. The best part of this option is that the customer doesn’t have to take the system all the way to the technician or vice-versa. Also, this enables the customer to view the fixing method used by the technician, which in a way even helps the person to understand the main reason that led to the issue in his system.

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Hence, even if the same issue pops up in the future, the customer would be able to fix it himself instead of contacting the technician again and again.  Thus, by calling up OmniTech support team, you would also be able to learn more about the technical aspects of your system. Several informative support guides are also provided to the customers, which they can use as manuals to troubleshoot and resolve all the issues that occur in their computers.

In short, instead of looking up for tech support services on the internet and spending more time on it, call up the OmniTech support team the next time an error message pops up on your computer screen.

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Wish To Have Your Computer Problems Fixed? Call Omni Tech Support

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Technical support is absolutely necessary, even if you are not using computers on a regular basis. This is because you cannot afford to see your system on the fritz when you require it the most. Computer repair services and technical support services have gained prominence mainly because of the increasing use of these electronic devices for various services.

You might call technical support services often, but the cost of the service may be exorbitant. The main reason why you hardly get quality technicians or when you get good one it is costly is because there are very few support service providers that are genuine.

The expert tech support teams are usually held up doing complex repair cases. So, most available technical support persons are the ones that are either inexperienced or really bad ones. Inexperienced tech support people may not be exposed to various kinds of computer related issues.

With the advent of modern computers, the issues can range from simple to complex. So, it would take lot of time for novice technicians to resolve complicated issues. If you need your computer urgently for your work, you cannot simply afford all the downtime with an inexperienced technician.

You might have to prepare a presentation or do something really important with the system. But testing OmniTech support, you would realize how different the support service is from other technical support companies. OmniTech Support offers nothing but high quality IT solutions. The problems are resolved immediately.

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They offer IT solutions at rates really affordable. The company believes in providing only the best services for the customers. Based in Los Angeles, OmniTech Support services have been successful in resolving the computer issues of thousands of customers in the past decade. The fact that there are hundreds of qualified technical support personnel ready to resolve any kind of computer problems shows how good the company is.

OmniTech Support provides the technical support and computer repair services proactively to its customers. The on-going computer protection and many other support features make sure that there are very few issues to resolve. Computer problems are resolved there and then, so the number of issues that occur is considerably reduced.

To know more about OmniTech Support, try testing OmniTech support; they offer a free trial support too. Call today, and know the quality yourselves.

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