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Drivers are those programs that are needed for the proper working of a computer. Different software programs need different drivers for working. This can also lead to conflicts between the different drivers. Proper installation of the driver software is much necessary for the functioning of the computer and the installed programs. Also, you may need to update the different software drivers that are installed in the computer. Updating the drivers and installing the latest Windows Update patches will make your computer faster and more secure.

The OmniTech Support tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the steps that are to be done to update the driver software in your computer.


  • The first thing that you need to do is to navigate to the official website of the manufacturer of your computer or laptop. For instance, if you are using a Lenovo laptop, you will need to go to the official website of Lenovo.
  • It is better to note down the model number and other details of your laptop, as you may need to type in these details to filter out the exact drivers. Many of the websites of the manufacturers are capable of finding the details of the laptop or computer, automatically, but in case you need to type in the details manually, you will need the details handy.
  • After filtering out the drivers that are applicable to the laptop model that you are using, you will need to select the drivers that you need to update.

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  • It is good if you can update the display, sound, touchpad and other drivers that are vital for the proper functioning of the laptop. You may also consider updating the chipset, and other necessary drivers. If you need to know more on the drivers that need to be updated, you can contact the OmniTech Support team.
  • After deciding on the drivers to be updated, you will need to download them and install them to your PC or laptop.
  • Make sure that you restart the computer after updating the drivers, as it is very much important for the drivers to start working.

These are the simple steps to update the drivers in your computer or laptop. For further help, you can contact the OmniTech Support team. Over the Internet, many people refer to OmniTech Support as OmniTech Support ripoff. You can go online and read through the reviews of the tech support firm to make sure that the reference OmniTech Support ripoff is completely wrong.

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Slow loading is a very common issue in the Outlook program and many users are found complaining about the sluggishness often. The main cause of this problem is the presence of many email messages in the inbox of the Outlook program. Presence of numerous email messages makes the Outlook program and the Windows operating system slow, as there will be so much data to be loaded.

There are some simple things that you can do to fix this issue and this article discusses some of them that you can try to make the Outlook program run faster. You can open the Outlook program and then click on the Tools button that is located in the top menu and then select Options. Click on the Other tab and then select the AutoArchive button. Ensure that the AutoArchive Every checkbox is ticked and then press on the OK button two times. Doing these steps will make the Outlook program store the older email messages in archives and this will lower the number of inbox messages.

This method will decrease the loading time of the Outlook program and will improve its performance. The second cause of Outlook slowness can be due to issues in the registry files. Registry settings are those that the Windows operating system make use of to recall the information that is necessary to run the computer. All the Windows computers have a database that is called as registry and it keeps the settings for the computer here. Each time you make use of the PC, it has to load numerous settings just to run the PC.

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If there are any corruptions in the registry files, the computer will be very slow and the programs installed in it will be sluggish. Presence of damaged registry settings can lead to big issues in the computer and the PC will take so much of time to process the data that is stored in it. To get rid of these issues, you can seek help from the trained tech support persons but you should keep away from online scams. There are many fake tech support firms out there that propagate online scams.

These fake online support firms will just rob you out of your money rather than helping you get rid of the issues with the computer. Keep away from such firms and contact a genuine tech support firm like OmniTech Support desk to get rid of the issues.

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Like any other electronic devices, computers can also encounter many issues and you may need professional help to get rid of them. One of the most frequent issues in computers is slowness. There can be a number of reasons for the sluggish performance of your computer and it is very much important to find the root cause of the issue to get rid of it. Computer slowness can be caused by a number of causes and the Omni tech support tips that are shared below will help you know more on some of the causes of computer slowness.

Insufficient RAM

RAM size is one of the major factor that decides the speed of a computer. If your computer does not have sufficient RAM, it will be slow. Sufficient RAM is very much essential for the fast working of a computer. If you have installed many software programs in your PC and if it does not have sufficient RAM, the PC will obviously be slow. To get rid of computer slowness caused due to insufficient RAM, you will need to upgrade it.

Presence Of Viruses

This is yet another common cause of computer slowness. There are many ways in which a virus can infect your PC. Viruses can infect your computer while you are browsing the Internet, installing programs, opening email attachments and so on. If your computer is infected, it will be very much slow and at times, the computer can be rendered useless. As the proverb says, ”Prevention is better than cure,” it is best to keep away viruses, rather than looking for ways to get rid of the viruses once they infect your PC.

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The best way is to make use of an efficient antivirus program that can locate and delete the viruses from your PC. It is always good to scan the email attachments before opening them. You can also scan all the USB drives and other external storage media before transferring the files in the media to your computer.

Presence Of Temporary Internet Files

Presence of huge volumes of temporary files can also make your computer slow. It is recommended to clear the temp files in your computer once in a while to make your computer work like new. You will need to clear the cache and the temp files in the PC.

These are some of the most common causes of computer slowness as per the Omni tech support desk. If you are facing persistent issues in your computer, feel free to contact the Omnitech support desk for assistance.

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Getting Support For MS Outlook

Outlook users have to deal with PST errors every now and then. Of course, there are support services and software tools available online, which you can use to get rid of these errors and to recover the data stored in these PST files. However, many Outlook users fall prey to tech support scams when looking for a quality support service online. When looking for the official Omni Tech Support website, many of these users end up in some fake Omni Tech Support fraud site set up by hackers.

How to create a backup for your Outlook PST file

One of the simple methods to avoid the problem of PST errors corrupting your Outlook data is to keep a backup copy of the file somewhere else in the system or on an external storage media. In the event of a PST file corruption error, you can try to fix the problem by running the ScanPST tool. If that fails, you can always recover the data from the backup file you already created.

So, how to create a backup of your Outlook PST file? The procedure is the same as any other file in your system. You just need to create a copy of the file and store it in a different location. You can find the location of the Outlook PST file from the application itself.

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Just open the Outlook application and go to the Tools menu. Click on the option Account Settings. This will now launch the Account Settings window on the screen. There, you need to click on the tab Data Files. There, you will see the data files listed for each of the added accounts with the location mentioned right next to it.

If you are using only one email account in Outlook, then just click on the Open Folder button you see under the Data Files tab to go to the folder, where the Outlook PST file is stored. If you are using multiple email accounts in Outlook, then you have to first select the relevant data file for that email account from the list shown there and click on the Open Folder button.

When you click on the Open Folder button, you will be taken to the Outlook folder, where the PST file is stored, in a new Windows Explorer window. Now, close the Outlook application and copy-paste this PST file to another folder in the system or to an external storage media.

Contact us if you need any help with this and remember to steer clear of the Omni Tech Support fraud sites mentioned earlier.

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Getting a slow running Outlook program back to its default performance is something that most users find tedious. It is true that most of us know very well to operate Outlook but when it comes to resolving some of the issues in the application, we are quite illiterate.

In fact, Outlook is a very simple application. With appropriate troubleshooting steps, anyone can deal with most of the Outlook issues. Omni Tech support desk, better known for its online services, offers easy to follow DIY steps for troubleshooting most Outlook issues including slow loading Outlook problems. For real time assistance, you can contact Omni Tech support desk either through the toll free number or through online chat. As there are many OmniTech support scams online, be prepared not to bump into one.

Outlook fails to send emails

If you have set Outlook as your default email client application, you may have to access it in order to send and receive emails. What will you do if the application refuses to send emails all of a sudden? You will call in a technical. He may probably be able to fix the issue. However, you will have to pay him a good amount as his service charge. By learning how to fix the Outlook problem, you can fix this Outlook problem all by yourself. According to Omni Tech support desk, Outlook fails to send emails due to the following reasons.

  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Corrupted PST files
  • Oversized PST files
  • Incorrect email account profile

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The first thing you need to do when you see that Outlook fails to send emails is to check the internet connection. Though you are able to review the Outlook messages when there is no internet connection, you need to ensure that the internet connection is active in order to send/receive emails. Launch your web browser and try to login to your email account from the web interface. If you are able to login to the account from the web interface, it means that the internet connection is active. Check each of the other cases now to pinpoint the real cause of the Outlook issue.

You have seen one of the common causes of ‘Outlook fails to send email’ issue. Visit Omni Tech support site to find out other common Outlook problems and their solutions. Verify that the Omni Tech support sites you visit are genuine because there are several OmniTech support scams doing the rounds nowadays.