Omni Tech Support – Different From The Rest

Testing Omnitech Support

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In my ten years of using computers, which include desktops, laptops and netbooks, I have come across several technical issues and contacted multiple support guides. However, I will not declare any of these services as good. While they were able to give some sort of temporary solution for the issues, the same type of issues surfaced after a few weeks or months and I had to contact them again and again. I even suspect if they were deliberately doing something to make the issues pop up after a few days. However, to my surprise, I found one service to be quite different, it was Omni Tech support.

Omni Tech support – Different from the rest

When I contacted OmniTech support for the first time, I had no hope that I would get the issue fixed because many of the online tech support services I had contacted in the past were fake or not committed to fixing the issues of their customers. So, it was purely for testing Omnitech support that I contacted them for the first time. But after knowing in detail about the various services they offered and the affordable price at which the services were sold, I made up my mind.

What way does Omni Tech support differ from other services

There are many ways by which Omni Tech support desk differs from other online tech support services. Firstly, there is a option for testing Omnitech support. No other tech support service lets users test their services. Conversely, with Omnitech support, you can test their services. You need to buy their services only if you are really convinced about them.

Omni Tech Support Desk

            Omnitech Support Services

Offer free troubleshooting steps

Omni Tech support offers free troubleshooting steps for about 90 percent of the common PC issues. The steps and informative KB articles are published in Omnitech blogs and sites. Whenever new PC issues are reported, the technicians at the support desk investigate them and come up with the easiest method to fix them. I think this is a very unique feature when compared with other online tech support providers.

Omni Tech support desk offers the finest PC support services. In my personal opinion, it is the online tech support provider whom you can contact for any type of technical issue with your PC. OmniTech has discreet departments to deal with hardware issues, software issues, network related issues, virus issues, etc. Read a few Omnitech reviews written by certified users for more information.

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When Upgrading To Windows 8

Omnitech Support Ripoff

          Windows Upgrade Support

Windows users making the transition to a new operating often need tech support. And, a few of them might end up seeking this service from fake sites like the OmniTech Support ripoff websites. So, make sure that you are getting support from reputed tech service providers like Omni Tech Support while making the transition.

Use Windows Update Assistant

In fact, with Windows 8, Microsoft has made this process easier by releasing an app called Windows Update Assistant. Microsoft has always known that some of the Windows OS users are not that tech savvy. Some of them do not even know how to check their system configuration.

With Windows Update Assistant app, you do not have to worry about anything. The app is designed to check the system’s hardware and software configuration to make sure that they meet the minimum Windows 8 system requirements. On their tech support website, Microsoft has prescribed these minimum system requirements as follows.

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2
  • RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Hard disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

If you are running Windows 7, it is very much possible that your system will meet these requirements. However, Windows XP and Windows Vista users will have to upgrade the hardware before they go ahead with installing Windows 8. The Update Assistant will provide a list of changes you need to make to facilitate.

Tech Support Website

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If your system indeed meets the Windows 8 system requirements, then the Update Assistant app will show you the website link for purchasing the Windows 8 OS. You can download the Windows 8 installation file here and you will receive a product key for the OS, once you make the payment online.

Now, the OS installation file will be in the ISO format. Copy this on to a USB disc or a DVD. Before you install the OS, make sure that you create a backup of all your important data files. Also, transfer all of your stored data from the C Drive to the other hard drive partitions in the system.

Restart the system, after inserting the Windows 8 installation DVD or USB stick to start the OS installation. Just follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. Contact us, if you need any further help and stay away from the OmniTech Support ripoff websites you come across online.

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Avail The Best Support For Your Computer Issues From Omni Tech Support

OmniTech Support Reviews

           Best Online Support

My computer was giving me numerous troubles ever since I purchased it and each time I used to contact a technical support firm to fix the issue. I have contacted more than three technical support companies. Even though these companies provided me a solution to the issue, I found that they were not permanent fixes and the issues kept on recurring. Even after spending too much money, my computer gave numerous troubles. I was very much annoyed and wanted a permanent solution to all the issues.

I went through numerous reviews about technical support firms and I found that the services offered by Omni Tech Support were lauded by majority of its customers. I wanted to make sure that I am not wasting my money again. Therefore, I searched for OmniTech Support reviews all over the internet. However, I could find only positive OmniTech Support reviews. With this, my confidence on this technical support company increased and I thought of availing the service. Since I had spent a lot of money on fixing my computer, I had already decided that this would be my last try.

The major issues with my computer involved virus issues, slow performance, pop up of different error messages etc. I told about all these troubles in detail to the technician who was assigned to fix the issues. After hearing the issues, he asked me permission to take the remote session of the PC.

Technical Support Firms

          Best Support Technician

The technician restarted the computer in safe mode and ran a tool to scan for viruses. More than 3,000 files were infected with viruses and the technician carefully removed the files from the computer. After ensuring that all viruses were removed, he ran various tools to improve the performance of my PC. In addition, he did many tune ups on my computer manually. He found that the pop ups were due to some corrupted files, which were also replaced.

After restarting my computer in normal mode, I found that the technician had really done a wonderful job. The PC was running much faster than before. I found that the error pop ups are no longer appearing on it. I was so happy with the service provided to me. It has been more than two months since I availed the service and the issues have not returned. I think that Omni Tech Support is the best company, when it comes to fixing the issues with your computer.

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What To Do When Windows Updates Won’t Work

OmniTech Support

      Update Support From OmniTech

Microsoft releases several updates for the Windows operating system until the end-of-support deadline. The updates released by Microsoft may vary from performance patches that sort out issues that cause programs to slow down or cause error to security patches that seal off security loopholes and makes sure no malicious users are able to breach into your PC. Apart from that, Microsoft also provides feature updates, which may range from new and updated Internet Explorer to Windows Media Player.

Microsoft hands out all the updates in the form of “patches” that are released on the first Tuesday of every month, hence the term “Patch Tuesday”. Although it is not mandatory to download updates, it is highly advised to do so since non-conformance will only increase the chance of a security breach. In order to receive the critical updates, the user is required to enable the Auto Update feature. Whenever the computer is connected online, the updates are automatically downloaded and installed.

In some circumstances, the Windows update feature gets corrupted, as a result of which no further updates can be downloaded or installed. In such circumstances, it is best to check for computer viruses because virus and other malicious programs are the leading cause of security update errors. It is also essential to get the security updates up and running as soon as possible.

Windows Support

OmniTech Support For Windows Update

If you are not able to download the security updates, or the security updates refuse to install, you can download Microsoft’s Windows support Update Fix-it. The program is capable of recognizing issues with your computer that would disable updates and corrects them by itself. However, the program is only useful for selected issues and fails if the problem is beyond the scope of the program. In such conditions, it is best to contact OmniTech Support services.

OmniTech Support services will be able to troubleshoot your PC by undoing the error that caused the update to fail initially. The support technicians can diagnose the issue by using professional Windows support troubleshooting software and may have to make changes to the Windows Registry values in order to get the updates working again.

Inability to download or install updates may not seem to affect you directly. However, in the long run, it will cause issues because the security of your computer is weakened. On a similar note, it is crucial to migrate from outdated operating systems like Windows XP and upgrade to the newer versions. Contact OmniTech Support in order to know more about the same.

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Running Xbox Live Using Windows Live Games

OmniTech Support Fraud

    Windows Live Support From OmniTech

Microsoft has several all-in-one feature programs that are extremely beneficial for Windows Users. Consider the Games for Windows Live program suite available for free download on Microsoft’s website. This program enabled you to enter the online PC gaming market. Once you have installed this program, you can make free Games for Windows Live account or sign in using your existing Xbox Live account.

The benefit of this program is that you are able to experience perfect uniformity when it comes to switching between online gaming services of Microsoft’s popular Xbox Live Service as well as online PC gaming. Once you log in using your Xbox Live account, you will be able to play on Xbox Live gaming server on PC games. This is only possible if the PC game version is also available for Xbox 360 and is available in Xbox Live Servers.

In order to get this service, you can contact true OmniTech Support service and make sure you do not accidently call up any of the numerous OmniTech Support fraud services operational online. You can also follow these instructions to make these changes yourself.

  • Create a Windows Live ID from within the Microsoft account creation page. You will have to fill in relevant information like name, account, password and DOB to create the account.
  • Click Next and then type in your unique Gamertag. The Gamertag will be your online psuedo-name and will be visible to other online players. If your Gamertag has been taken, you will be required to make a new one. The tag has to be completely unique.

    Genuine OmniTech Support

               Xbox Games OmniTech Support

  • When you have created the Gamertag, click on I Accept to finish creating your Windows Live Account.
  • Using your preferred web browser, visit the Games for Windows Homepage and then download the Games for Windows live software. Check the references section to download the latest version that will run on your PC.
  • Once downloaded, double click on the installation file to proceed to install the program. Click on Next to continue the installation process.
  • Once the installation process is complete, execute the Games for Windows Live program and then log in to your Windows Live account using the Windows Live ID and the Gamertag you created in the first step.

Once you make these changes, you will be able to run Xbox Live games on your PC with ease. If you have any issues, you can contact the genuine OmniTech Support services for more help. Make sure you do not contact OmniTech Support fraud sites instead.

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