Fix The Broken Key On A Sony Vaio Laptop

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Did you accidentally happen to mess up or break off a key on your Sony Vaio laptop. This can happen to anyone. But don’t panic as Sony provides you enough support to fix a damaged key on your laptop. Here are some instructions from the Sony support laptop forums, to deal with the broken or missing key on your Sony Vaio laptop.


  • Shut down the computer and then close the screen lid. And devices and cables that may be attached via plugs must be removed, such as the power cable or any USB drives.
  • Hold the computer with the bottom facing upwards, such that you are able to see the battery. You’ll find a latch holding the battery in its compartment; release it and move it to the unlocked position. Get the battery out and put the laptop away.
  • Turn the laptop back over, and open the screen lid. Take a look at the bottom side of the button that fell out. Hold it over that position and press all four corners to set it back in place.
  • If a plastic hinge came off with the piece, hold it with a small pair of pliers. Place it in the left side of the vacant keyboard hole.
  • Holding the hinge with the pliers, see that the upper and lower parts fit into the base of the keyboard. Do the same for the second plastic hinge, on the other side of the vacant keyboard hole.

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  • Press in the rubber spring, to the open space you find between the two hinges. The key must be carefully place over this, and all four tips of the key must be pushed down simultaneously until it snaps into place.
  • Place the battery back into its compartment beneath the laptop. Switch on the laptop and try to use the newly replaced key to see if it was installed properly, and works normally.

These are the steps to follow if one is to make sure that the missing key in a Sony Vaio laptop keyboard is replaced properly. You can go online for further sony support laptop reapir instructions, which are available on many sites throughout the internet. But first, try out the official website itself. Hope these guidelines help you through the laptop key replacement procedure.