Steps To Translate Text In Webpages Using Firefox Add-Ons

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The Mozilla Firefox, which holds 20 percent of the web traffic, comes featured with many add-ons and plug-ins that allow the user to translate the entire page content to the default set language. The Mozilla add-on thus makes browsing enjoyable and easy. Follow the steps below to activate the translate option on your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Instructions to Translate Text in WebPages using Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

  • Launch the Firefox browser and navigate to Jimmy Ruska’s Unofficial Google Translate Firefox Extension. From the page, download the text translation extension (add-on) for Firefox. Normal download of the same is free and quick but again can depend on the Internet server you are using.  Restart the Firefox browser after you finish downloading the text translation extension (add-on).
  • Launch the browser again and drop into a webpage you would like to translate. Now, right click the mouse after placing the mouse pointer in the translation page. At the bottom of the box that pops up you will see the options that read Translate From, Translate To, Translate Page.
  • Now, select the language to which you intend to transfer or translate the page. If you are unable to understand the language on the page, select the label that reads auto detect. This is especially helpful when you do not know which language you are viewing. The language option that you have chosen will now be set as your default ‘from’ translation language.
  • Right-click your mouse again. Now select the language into which you would like to translate the language in the page. The language you select will become your default ‘to’ language.

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  • Use your mouse pointer to select the text you wish to translate. To do this, place the mouse pointer at the beginning of the text. Then drag the mouse down to select the text. If you wish to translate the entire page, use the shortcut Ctrl + A to select the entire page.
  • Now place the mouse pointer at a new text area. Ensure that the mouse pointer is resting on text and not on a link.
  • Now press the ALT key and the left mouse button to deselect the text and to initiate the translation process.

Follow the instructions briefed above to fix the issues with Mozilla Firefox Add-ons. For more assistance to translate text in webpages using Firefox Add Ons, contact our Mozilla Firefox support centre.